Places of Interest

Galteshwar Mahadev

Galteshwar Mahadev Temple

Galteshwar is very important in the historic tourism and religious places of Gujarat in the Thasra taluka of Kheda district. This religious place is located at the sangam (confluence) of the Mahisagar and the Galti river. This Galteshwar Mahadev, situated 10 to 12 km away from the famous Dakor’s Thakorji, has more than 25 lakh devotees and tourists visits in the year. Despite the indecisive attempts to complete the incomplete summit many times, this temple is now without the peak.

Ranchhodrai Temple

Ranchhodrai Temple 

Dakor in Kheda District of Gujarat is prominent for its grand temple of Shree Krishna which has a historical significance. The main temple, enclosed by a fort wall, is situated near the bank of the holy lake Gomati in the midst of the main bazaar of Dakor. It is believed that Ranchhodji, a name for Lord Krishna meaning “he who left the battlefield”, inspired Gopal Jagannath Ambekar, a shroff of a Peshwa’s court in Poona, in a dream to build a vast and magnificent temple. The temple was built in 1772 A.D. The main Ranchhodrai idol is in black touchstone. 1m tall and 45 cm in breadth, richly adorned with gold, jewels and expensive clothes. Its throne, an ornate masterpiece of woodcarving plated in silver and gold, was presented by the Gaekwad of Baroda. This place of pilgrimage is very old and ancient hence are stories tales as a number of folktales behind it. The folk-tale of Bhakta Bodana is widely known among the other stories associated with this between Umreth and Dakor for rest. The story further says that the Lord had picked up a branch of Neem tree and the bitter branch had turned sweet by his sheer touch. The devotees sing even today.

Santram Temple

Santram Temple 

Shree Santram was a great saint of Avadhut. Shree Saintram Maharaj came to Nadiad from Girnar so that he was known as Girnar Bawa, Vidhay Baava or Sukh-Sagji. Shree Saintram Maharaj came here in 1872, lived for 15 years as a spiritual remedy, and took Samadhi on the full moon day of 1887.

kund vav

Kund Vav

When Siddharaj Jaysingh came to Kheda district, army feel safe to stay in kapadwanj. it was a land full of forest.

It is said that, Somadat Pandit of Siddharaja had a disease of leprosy. There was a water puddle before where there was Kundavav, In it, he was slipped and its disease died. So looking at these miracles, Dharmisth king decided to make kund vav. During Excavation, Narayan Dev and Mahalakshmi statues were found, which are still in kapadwanj.

Hot water Pool

Hot Water Pools

A special type of hot water pool in Lusundar village of Kathlal taluka of Kheda district. The village has a grand temple of Somnath Mahadev. There is a lake next to it. There is a beautiful darshan of Nature (prakruti), where the water of the river flows through the dispersed cast of Mahadev. In front of the temple, there is a hot and cold water cistern. It’s a miracle that Kund water never smells musty.

Gopaldas Haveli

Gopaldas Haveli

16 km from Nadiad, there is a village of Patidars called Vaso. This village is known as Darbar Gopaldas and Mahendrishibhai’s Haveli. This mansion is 250 years old. The artwork made from wood is in every corner of the haveli. Mahendranbhai Desai, the owner of the Haveli, was the former MLA. The ceiling of each room of the mansion is also made of seam wood. The haveli is spread in one and a half bighas. Although wooden peeler and carving have been more than two centuries. Fesko painting made using some years of natural colors used to be highly valued.

Natural beauty paradise

Natural beauty paradise, Pariej

There is the big lake, a small lake and Ratadewar lake in pariej.In the vicinity of the Gulf of Khambhat, there are a large number of birds found in the lake. Common, payvar and Aayavar found in the vicinity of the lake. Saras is The famous bird of this area. In India, Saras is found only in Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh.Area of the main lake of pariej spread over 12 Its normal depth is 8 ft and the maximum depth is 10.5 ft..ahinkal and Narmada canal water are the main sources for filling the lake. Various birds are found in the Pariyeaj lake, and especially Saras Beldi is found in this lake. Travelers and bird lover visiting these ponds often.So that the state government decides to develop this area as a tourist place.

Swaminarayan Temple

Tirthrajshree Swaminarayan Temple, Vadtal

In 1878, in the Chaitra Sadan, Sahajanand Swami Started to build the temple and completed the construction in the Kartik month of 1881.instead of the laborers, sadhus saints and satsangists themselves take up bricks and lime, baking, all work and construction services. Total 9lacs bricks used in the base of the temple. Sahajanand Swami himself took 37 bricks. Out of them, 35 bricks used in the seat of Lakshminarayan’s idol.