Download the required form from here

Title Date Download/Link
Regarding renewal of self-defense license 20/08/2018 Download(63 KB)
Form No.-2 New Barcoded ration-card Application form 20/08/2018 Download(815 KB)
Form No.-3 New Member Addition in Ration Card 20/08/2018 Download(346 KB)
Form No.-4 Form for member deletion from Ration Card 20/08/2018 Download(431 KB)
Form No.-6-A Form for correction in Barcoded Ration-card (correction in name/surname & clerical correction) 20/08/2018 Download(452 KB)
Form No.-5 form for Creating new Ration card by division 20/08/2018 Download(789 KB)
Form No.-6-B Form for correction in Barcoded Ration-card (Taluka / District change ) 20/08/2018 Download(448 KB)
Form No.-7 Form for Guardian Appointment 20/08/2018 Download(254 KB)
Form No.-8 Form For cancellation of Ration Card (In case of migration from one state to another) 20/08/2018 Download(271 KB)
Form No.-9 Form for Duplicate Ration-Card 20/08/2018 Download(340 KB)